Monday, November 15, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Reviews

Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall
Running Time: 146 minutes
Reviewer: Gayathri Nair

First of all, writing a review for any type of movie may not be as easy as some people think. There are movies that get bad reviews, and then there are those that get good reviews.

Writing a good or bad review for a movie however, is a whole lot easier to do compared to writing a review for a movie that is so bad, it stinks from beginning to end. Try as you may to look at it from as many different angles and perspective as you can, I'm afraid this one has fail written all over it.

Even if a reviewer tries to look for the tiniest glimmer of hope, skimming through the entire flick to find just a small loop to shine some positivity into the show, but alas, Sex and the City 2, brings absolutely no hope to its mind numbingly ridiculous plot, story line, direction, script...yada yada yada... and is just simply hopeless and disgraceful from beginning to end. And let me tell you, I'm still being kind here.

The sequel follows the four girls coming together for a trip to the middle east on a budget from one of Samantha's (Kim Cattrall) prospective clients. So they pack their suitcaseS and hop onto a first class flight to their destination.

The movie flows exactly like how the TV series does, there's no beginning, middle or end. There's no plot, no angle, no story line … wait, tell me again what the reason for making a sequel was? The first movie I get, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) got married to her on-and-off lover, Big (Chris North). But seriously, what decided the sequel? Maybe Stanford (Willie Garson) and Anthony's (Mario Cantone) wedding was somewhat of a reason? Oh, come on that wasn't a was in the opening of the movie itself!

The good thing about the movie is that Carrie Bradshaw walked out of the set of Sex and the City the series, onto Sex and the City the movie, the bad news is that Carrie Bradshaw walked out of the set of Sex and the City the series and onto Sex and the City the movie! She's not changed one bit. She's still the self-centered, longing to be younger than her real age, mid-life crisis, childish, whiny pot she's always been.

And her friends, oh god her friends! Samantha's still a sl*t with absolutely no shame or self respect, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is still trying to be the perfect wife and homemaker, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) still has complete control in their marriage yet she whines about men and woman not having equal rights and double standards and what not.

Never mind that instead of single ladies they're now all married and dealing with struggles of being 'plus ones' to their other halves...(except Samantha of course), bottom line is they still haven't changed all that much since their 'Sex and the City series' days.

Why not just glue a couple of episodes from the TV series together and then add some predictable sequences from your imagination and make a movie of your own instead of waiting for it to hit the big screen?

Sex and the City 2 was an insult to all it's die hard fans since its TV series days. Fans who waited adoringly for each episode weekly and for the beginning of a new season each time, I'm sure have turned their heads the other way shamelessly with sighs of disappointment after the release of this movie.

If I hear rumors about a third installment, I'm pretty sure the directors are just out there to get me or to taunt me on this review. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope they stop and not release another Sex and the City movie. And even if they did make a 3rd movie, I'm afraid no amount of make-up can cover up that much wrinkles on all the women. Oh yes, I said it.

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